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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / Old Testament / Psalms

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Job Psalms Proverbs

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1 The title of the eiyte and sixtithe salm. `In Ebreu thus, To the victorie, on the roosis of Dauid. `In Jerom thus, To the ouercomer, for the sones of Dauid.

2 God, make thou me saaf; for watris `entriden til to my soule.

3 I am set in the sliym of the depthe; and `substaunce is not. I cam in to the depthe of the see; and the tempest drenchide me.

4 I traueilide criynge, my cheekis weren maad hoose; myn iyen failiden, the while Y hope in to my God.

5 Thei that hatiden me with out cause; weren multiplied aboue the heeris of myn heed. Myn enemyes that pursueden me vniustli weren coumfortid; Y paiede thanne tho thingis, whiche Y rauischide not.

6 God, thou knowist myn vnkunnyng; and my trespassis ben not hid fro thee.

7 Lord, Lord of vertues; thei, that abiden thee, be not aschamed in me. God of Israel; thei, that seken thee, be not schent on me.

8 For Y suffride schenschipe for thee; schame hilide my face.

9 I am maad a straunger to my britheren; and a pilgryme to the sones of my modir.

10 For the feruent loue of thin hous eet me; and the schenschipis of men seiynge schenschipis to thee fellen on me.

11 And Y hilide my soule with fastyng; and it was maad in to schenschip to me.

12 And Y puttide my cloth an heire; and Y am maad to hem in to a parable.

13 Thei, that saten in the yate, spaken ayens me; and thei, that drunken wien, sungen of me.

14 But Lord, Y dresse my preier to thee; God, Y abide the tyme of good plesaunce. Here thou me in the multitude of thi mercy; in the treuthe of thin heelthe.

15 Delyuer thou me fro the cley, that Y be not faste set in; delyuere thou me fro hem that haten me, and fro depthe of watris.

16 The tempest of watir drenche not me, nethir the depthe swolowe me; nethir the pit make streit his mouth on me.

17 Lord, here thou me, for thi merci is benygne; vp the multitude of thi merciful doyngis biholde thou in to me.

18 And turne not awei thi face fro thi child; for Y am in tribulacioun, here thou me swiftli.

19 Yyue thou tente to my soule, and delyuer thou it; for myn enemyes delyuere thou me.

20 Thou knowist my schenschip, and my dispysyng; and my schame.

21 Alle that troblen me ben in thi siyt; myn herte abood schendschipe, and wretchidnesse. And Y abood hym, that was sory togidere, and noon was; and that schulde coumforte, and Y foond not.

22 And thei yauen galle in to my meete; and in my thirst thei yauen `to me drinke with vynegre.

23 The boord of hem be maad bifore hem in to a snare; and in to yeldyngis, and in to sclaundir.

24 Her iyen be maad derk, that thei se not; and euere bouwe doun the bak of hem.

25 Schede out thin ire on hem; and the strong veniaunce of thin ire take hem.

26 The habitacioun of hem be maad forsakun; and `noon be that dwelle in the tabernaclis of hem.

27 For thei pursueden hym, whom thou hast smyte; and thei addiden on the sorewe of my woundis.

28 Adde thou wickidnesse on the wickidnesse of hem; and entre thei not in to thi riytwisnesse.

29 Be thei don awei fro the book of lyuynge men; and be thei not writun with iust men.

30 I am pore and sorewful; God, thin heelthe took me vp.

31 I schal herye the name of God with song; and Y schal magnefye hym in heriyng.

32 And it schal plese God more than a newe calf; bryngynge forth hornes and clees.

33 Pore men se, and be glad; seke ye God, and youre soule schal lyue.

34 For the Lord herde pore men; and dispiside not hise boundun men.

35 Heuenes and erthe, herye hym; the se, and alle crepynge bestis in tho, herye hym.

36 For God schal make saaf Syon; and the citees of Juda schulen be bildid. And thei schulen dwelle there; and thei schulen gete it bi eritage.

37 And the seed of hise seruauntis schal haue it in possessioun; and thei that louen his name, schulen dwelle ther ynne.

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