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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / Old Testament / Amos

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Joel Amos Obadiah

Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

1 Here ye this word, for Y reise on you a weilyng.

2 The hous of Israel felle doun, he schal not put to, that it rise ayen; the virgyn of Israel is cast doun in to hir lond, noon is that schal reise hir.

3 For the Lord God seith these thingis, The citee of which a thousynde wenten out, an hundrid schulen be left ther ynne; and of which an hundrid wenten out, ten schulen be left ther ynne, in the hous of Israel.

4 For the Lord seith these thingis to the hous of Israel, Seke ye me, and ye schulen lyue;

5 and nyle ye seke Bethel, and nyle ye entre in to Galgala, and ye schulen not passe to Bersabee; for whi Galgal schal be led caitif, and Bethel schal be vnprofitable.

6 Seke ye the Lord, and lyue ye, lest perauenture the hous of Joseph be brent as fier; and it schal deuoure Bethel, and there schal not be, that schal quenche.

7 Whiche conuerten doom in to wermod, and forsaken riytwisnesse in the lond,

8 and forsaken hym that makith Arture and Orion, and hym that turneth derknessis in to the morewtid, and him that chaungith dai in to niyt; which clepith watris of the see, and heldith out hem on the face of erthe; the Lord is name of hym.

9 Which scorneth distriyng on the stronge, and bringith robbyng on the myyti.

10 Thei hatiden a man repreuynge in the yate, and thei wlatiden a man spekynge perfitli.

11 Therfor for that that ye robbiden a pore man, and token fro hym the chosun prey, ye schulen bilde housis with square stoon, and ye schulen not dwelle in hem; ye schulen plaunte moost louyd vyneyerdis, and ye schulen not drynke the wyn of hem.

12 For Y knew youre grete trespassis many, and youre stronge synnes; enemyes of `the riytwis man, takynge yifte, and berynge doun pore men in the yate.

13 Therfor a prudent man schal be stille in that time, for the time is yuel.

14 Seke ye good, and not yuel, that ye lyue, and the Lord God of oostis schal be with you, as ye seiden.

15 Hate ye yuel, and loue ye good, and ordeyne ye in the gate doom; if perauenture the Lord God of oostis haue merci on the remenauntis of Joseph.

16 Therfor the Lord God of oostis, hauynge lordschipe, seith these thingis, Weilyng schal be in alle stretis, and in alle thingis that ben withoutforth it schal be seid, Wo! wo! and thei schulen clepe an erthe tilier to mourenyng, and hem that kunnen weile, to weilyng.

17 And weilyng schal be in alle weies, for Y schal passe forth in the myddil of `the see, seith the Lord.

18 Wo to hem that desiren the dai of the Lord; wher to desiren ye it to you? This dai of the Lord schal be derknessis, and not liyt.

19 As if a man renne fro the face of a lioun, and a bere renne to hym; and he entre in to the hous, and lene with his hond on the wal, and a serpent dwellynge in schadewe bite hym.

20 Whether the dai of the Lord schal not be derknessis, and not liyt; and myist, and not schynyng ther ynne?

21 Y hatide and castide awei youre feeste daies, and Y schal not take the odour of youre cumpenyes.

22 That if ye offren to me youre brent sacrifices, and yiftis, Y schal not resseyue, and Y schal not biholde avowis of youre fatte thingis.

23 Do thou awei fro me the noise of thi songis, and Y schal not here the songis of thin harpe.

24 And doom schal be schewid as watir, and riytfulnesse as a strong streem.

25 Whether ye, the hous of Israel, offriden to me sacrifices for enemyes to be ouercomun, and sacrifice in desert fourti yeeris?

26 And ye han bore tabernaclis to Moloch, youre god, and ymage of youre idols, the sterre of youre god, which ye maden to you.

27 And Y schal make you for to passe ouer Damask, seide the Lord; God of oostis is the name of him.

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