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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / New Testament / John

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Luke John Acts

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1 And Jhesus passynge, seiy a man blynd fro the birthe.

2 And hise disciplis axiden hym, Maistir, what synnede this man, or hise eldris, that he schulde be borun blynd?

3 Jhesus answeride, Nether this man synnede, nether hise eldris; but that the werkis of God be schewid in hym.

4 It bihoueth me to worche the werkis of hym that sente me, as longe as the dai is; the nyyt schal come, whanne no man may worche.

5 As longe as Y am in the world, Y am the liyt of the world.

6 Whanne he hadde seid these thingis, he spette in to the erthe, and made cley of the spotil, and anoyntide the cley on hise iyen,

7 and seide to hym, Go, and be thou waisschun in the watir of Siloe, that is to seie, Sent. Thanne he wente, and waisschide, and cam seynge.

8 And so neiyboris, and thei that hadden seyn him bifor, for he was a beggere, seiden, Whether this is not he, that sat, and beggide?

9 Othere men seiden, That this it is; othere men seyden, Nai, but he is lijc hym.

10 But he seide, That Y am. Therfor thei seiden to hym, Hou ben thin iyen openyd?

11 He answerde, Thilke man, that is seid Jhesus, made clei, and anoyntide myn iyen, and seide to me, Go thou to the watre of Siloe, and wassche; and Y wente, and wasschide, and say.

12 And thei seiden to hym, Where is he? He seide, Y woot not.

13 Thei leden hym that was blynd to the Farisees.

14 And it was sabat, whanne Jhesus made cley, and openyde hise iyen.

15 Eft the Farisees axiden hym, hou he hadde seyn. And he seide to hem, He leide to me cley on the iyen; and Y wasschide, and Y se.

16 Therfor summe of the Fariseis seiden, This man is not of God, that kepith not the sabat. Othere men seiden, Hou may a synful man do these signes. And strijf was among hem.

17 Therfor thei seien eftsoone to the blynd man, What seist thou of hym, that openyde thin iyen? And he seide, That he is a prophete.

18 Therfor Jewis bileueden not of hym, that he was blynd, and hadde seyn, til thei clepiden his fadir and modir, that hadde seyn.

19 And thei axiden hem, and seiden, Is this youre sone, which ye seien was borun blynd? hou thanne seeth he now?

20 His fadir and modir answeriden to hem, and seiden, We witen, that this is oure sone, and that he was borun blynd;

21 but hou he seeth now, we witen neuer, or who openyde hise iyen, we witen nere; axe ye hym, he hath age, speke he of hym silf.

22 His fader and modir seiden these thingis, for thei dredden the Jewis; for thanne the Jewis hadden conspirid, that if ony man knoulechide hym Crist, he schulde be don out of the synagoge.

23 Therfor his fadir and modir seiden, That he hath age, axe ye hym.

24 Therfor eftsoone thei clepiden the man, that was blynd, and seiden to hym, Yyue thou glorie to God; we witen, that this man is a synnere.

25 Thanne he seide, If he is a synnere, Y woot neuer; o thing Y woot, that whanne Y was blynd, now Y se.

26 Therfor thei seiden to hym, What dide he to thee? hou openyde he thin iyen?

27 He answerde to hem, Y seide to you now, and ye herden; what wolen ye eftsoone here? whether ye wolen be maad hise discyplis?

28 Therfor thei cursiden hym, and seiden, Be thou his disciple; we ben disciplis of Moises.

29 We witen, that God spak to Moises; but we knowen not this, of whennus he is.

30 Thilke man answeride, and seide to hem, For in this is a wondurful thing, that ye witen not, of whennus he is, and he hath openyd myn iyen.

31 And we witen, that God herith not synful men, but if ony `man is worschypere of God, and doith his wille, he herith hym.

32 Fro the world it is not herd, that ony man openyde the iyen of a blynd borun man; but this were of God,

33 he myyt not do ony thing.

34 Thei answeriden, and seiden to hym, Thou art al borun in synnes, and techist thou vs? And thei putten hym out.

35 Jhesus herd, that thei hadden putte hym out; and whanne he hadde founde hym, he seide to hym, Bileuest thou in the sone of God?

36 He answerde, and seide, Lord, who is he, that Y bileue in hym?

37 And Jhesus seide to hym, And thou hast seyn him, and he it is, that spekith with thee.

38 And he seide, Lord, Y byleue. And he felle doun, and worschipide hym.

39 Therfore Jhesus seide to hym, Y cam in to this world, `in to doom, that thei that seen not, see, and thei that seen, be maad blynde.

40 And summe of the Faryseis herden, that weren with hym, and thei seiden to hym, Whether we ben blynde?

41 Jhesus seide to hem, If ye weren blynde, ye schulden not haue synne; but now ye seien, That we seen, youre synne dwellith stille.

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